Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonderfest is THIS WEEK

Wanted to remind you all to come see us at Wonderfest this week!
This is our first time at the show and we are looking forward to meeting all the fans!  As usual we will have all kinds of show specials so make sure to stop by the booth.

If you were looking to pick up KING GHIDORAH, here is your chance!!!!  Save on shipping and have him now! Plus make sure to pick up Godzilla if you haven't already... our supply on him is starting to get low. So is our supply on King Ghidorah as  he is limited to only 1500 pieces! So get him while you can!

Another  show special we have is  our new T-shirt design!!! We are  sold out of our old design so it is time for a newer and cooler one. If you like our monster logo, then I think you are really gonna like's a sick design!! Plus now we have larger sizes! The fans have spoken and we were listening! We don't stop at 2XL we now go up to 3XL! Monsters sized for monster fans!!!  

So make sure  to stop by our booth and see us! We always have some free stuff!! Plus you never know what other surprises we might have!  Hope to see you all there!

Never been to Wonderfest? Or are you looking for more information about the show?
Just click on the blog title above the picture. This will take you right to the official site for Wonderfest!

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