Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks Wonderfest

So im a bit behind in my blogging!
I was at the San Diego Comic Con and didnt have much time to get a Wonderfest blog up before I left. Tom and I did want to thank all the fans that stopped by our booth. Plus there was some amazing model kits put together for the Model Contest.  So thanks to all the fans and friends we saw there. Hope to see you all at the show next year!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonderfest is THIS WEEK

Wanted to remind you all to come see us at Wonderfest this week!
This is our first time at the show and we are looking forward to meeting all the fans!  As usual we will have all kinds of show specials so make sure to stop by the booth.

If you were looking to pick up KING GHIDORAH, here is your chance!!!!  Save on shipping and have him now! Plus make sure to pick up Godzilla if you haven't already... our supply on him is starting to get low. So is our supply on King Ghidorah as  he is limited to only 1500 pieces! So get him while you can!

Another  show special we have is  our new T-shirt design!!! We are  sold out of our old design so it is time for a newer and cooler one. If you like our monster logo, then I think you are really gonna like's a sick design!! Plus now we have larger sizes! The fans have spoken and we were listening! We don't stop at 2XL we now go up to 3XL! Monsters sized for monster fans!!!  

So make sure  to stop by our booth and see us! We always have some free stuff!! Plus you never know what other surprises we might have!  Hope to see you all there!

Never been to Wonderfest? Or are you looking for more information about the show?
Just click on the blog title above the picture. This will take you right to the official site for Wonderfest!

Friday, July 11, 2008

New CollectionDX article

Collection Dx have posted another cool article about us!
Click this blog entry title above to check it out.  You should see a King Ghidorah review from them in the not so distant future. Also make sure to check out the rest of the site while you are there. You can always find all kinds of cool reviews or toy news going on there!

Don't forget to come check us out at Wonderfest next weekend!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just a reminder that the Astound in-store is today!!!
Click the link above for directions..
From  4-6 pm today  you can see us at Astound Comics!

Just a quick update.. thanks to those who stopped by to see
us at Astound. Thanks again to Scott!!

Thank you Gfest

Well we are back from Gfest and are working hard on getting all the King Ghidorah pre-orders out!  Unfortunately due to all the flooding in the Mid West our shipment was delayed,  we didnt receive King Ghidorah until  the day before we left for Gfest. That didnt leave us much time to start filling the orders. So if you haven't gotten yours yet please be patient with us for a little bit longer.. we are processing the pre-orders and mailing them as fast as we can!  

As far as Gfest goes it was a great success! We sold out of what King Ghidorahs we had at the show and also almost sold out of our other product. Thanks go out to the fans that stopped by our booth and made the show such a success. It was great seeing all of you there as well as some of our old friends like JD, Robert Scott Field, Stan and Chibigoji (Linda) just to name a few!!! 

Congrats goes out to Bob Woff and his son on winning our Godzilla Raffle! Enjoy and congrats on having the winning Ticket! Wanted to thank Don Frye for stopping by our booth and posing for some pictures. August Ragone for signing our  books!! If you haven't gotten  his book yet please check it out... its a great read! (Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters by August Ragone)
Mr. Nakajima thank you for signing our books as well!! 

Again thanks to the fans for making it such a great weekend. Thank you for all your feedback on the product!!! Please email us as we do really like to hear from you all!!! The suggestions were great and the fan response to King Ghidorah made all the hard work worth it!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the next Gfest!!! 
Keep a look out as I am working on finally getting our Gallery section up!! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks it will start to go up!  That's all for now!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gfest Day One

Day one @ Gfest has come and gone and it has be a resounding success for us!
Catching up with old friends and fans, plus meeting quite a few new ones.
Got our books signed by August Ragone... who by the way is super cool and nice too boot.
Plus our first night in the Dealers room and we almost sold out of King Ghidorah. Got a few left but wondering if we brought enough to last the weekend. Nice to see him going so fast!

Cant wait for tommorrow! If you are in town make sure to stop by the show tommorrow!
Lots of cool panels, contests and deals going on all over the place. Plus you can  pick up your very own King Ghidorah before we sell out at the show! Zilla is going fast as well. Dont forget to pick up a velvet poster or puzzle... we got deals on everything!

Hope to see you there... plus  tommorrow night is Godzilla vs Mechagozilla @ the Pickwick!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here is the flier for our  In-store appearance @ Astound Comics!
Nice job Scott!! We will be there from 4 - 6pm showing off our latest edition to our Destroy All Monsters Battlezone Diorama. Stop by, pick up the latest comics and don't forget to pick up your own King Ghidorah!!! He is limited to only 1500 pieces and we have had quite a few already pre-ordered!  If you have any questions or suggestions here is your chance to ask/tell us in person! Look forward to seeing you there! 
For Directions click the title above or type in


Gfest is this weekend!
Don't miss out as we this will be the exclusive debut of King Ghidorah!!!! What better place to do it than Gfest! Swing on by our booth and pick yours up as he is limited to only 1500 pieces and many have already been pre-ordered!  Also we will have some big surprises at our booth so swing on by and see who our big special guest will be!!!  We will also have all kinds of show specials and some cool free swag! Come on by and say hi, we cant wait to meet all the Kaiju fans at Gfest!

For more information click on the title above or copy paste this link!

See ya there!

Thank you Chicago!!!

We are back from the Chicago Wizard World and getting ready for Gfest this weekend.
Wow, thanks go out to all the Chicago fans that stopped by the booth and made the show such a success. We had a few wrong turns and got there a bit late Thursday but still had time to meet some of you. Then Friday blew by and so did sales of the Chicago show exclusive... we sold out of it before lunch! The rest of the weekend flew by and before we knew it we were heading home.

We were glad to hear everyone enjoyed the panel Tom and I did. We have a great time sharing our upcoming product with you all. What a great crowd, and great questions!!!  Again thanks go out to all those who stopped by the booth afterwards and let us know what you thought of the panel and product! Hopefully we will be seeing some of you at Gfest this weekend!

Many thanks go out to the Wizard world and Toyfare staff... we look forward to Wizard World Chicago next year.