Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gfest Day One

Day one @ Gfest has come and gone and it has be a resounding success for us!
Catching up with old friends and fans, plus meeting quite a few new ones.
Got our books signed by August Ragone... who by the way is super cool and nice too boot.
Plus our first night in the Dealers room and we almost sold out of King Ghidorah. Got a few left but wondering if we brought enough to last the weekend. Nice to see him going so fast!

Cant wait for tommorrow! If you are in town make sure to stop by the show tommorrow!
Lots of cool panels, contests and deals going on all over the place. Plus you can  pick up your very own King Ghidorah before we sell out at the show! Zilla is going fast as well. Dont forget to pick up a velvet poster or puzzle... we got deals on everything!

Hope to see you there... plus  tommorrow night is Godzilla vs Mechagozilla @ the Pickwick!

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