Saturday, February 9, 2008


 King Ghidorah™ pre-orders are now available!
 This is the second figurine of the Godzilla®  Destroy All Monsters Battlezone series, and the largest standing in at approximately 12" tall.  He dwarfs our Godzilla®  figurine!
King Ghidorah™  comes with a light and sound sequence that includes his signature roar, beam blasts and explosions. His sound and light sequence are synced up to our Godzilla®  figurine. Slide them together,  press the activation buttons and watch them battle!
If you like detail then you will love this piece!  Each scale was individually sculpted and placed on King Ghidorah™  to make him as realistic as possible! He also has a highly detailed paint job as well as high grade sound chip!  Don't forget you also get a new piece of the Destroy All Monsters logo with this figurine!
King Ghidorah™  has a  very limited production run of only 1,500 pieces, so order now. 
We will begin to ship orders late this June, however due to high fan interest we anticipate having low to no inventory on him by then. For more information check out our King Ghidorah™  page or contact us.

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