Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ghidorah Lands!!

At long last King Ghidorah™ is ready to be unveiled! After many set backs and our sculptor's broken wrist, the mighty space dragon is making his first appearance on our site! Check out the sneak peek above. Highly detailed, beautifully painted, with an incredible lights and sound sequence, King Ghidorah™ stands at over 12 inches tall! Slide him into position against Godzilla® and press the activation buttons for a spectacular lights and sound Battle Royale!
King Ghidorah™ is extremely limited to only 1500 pieces... so get him while you can!! Pre-orders will be accepted on our site beginning this weekend!!!

Don't forget to pick up Godzilla®, the first figurine in the Godzilla  DAM Battlezone series! 
We have limited quantities of him left! (and they are going fast!!)

Keep checking back for more detail on our products , movies, contests and our convention schedules!

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