Thursday, May 1, 2008

Look out Detroit here we come!!!!

Look out Detroit.. here we come!
Far East Monsters will be invading this years Motor City Comic con!
Stop by our booth and pick up your  very own Godzilla® DAM! Don't forget to pre-order your Ghidorah™! Keep up with the latest in  Kaiju wear!!!  Yes we have Far East T-shirts available! What about puzzles? Yes we have  puzzles.. why not get our monster sized Mecha-King Ghidorah puzzle.. done in cool super deformed anime style. Lastly show off your artist side by picking up a Godzilla Velvet poster!!!  
All this and more will be available, so stop on by our booth at the Motor City Comic Con May 16th -18th!  For more information about the Motor City Con click on the title above!

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